19-10-2009   Two days ago we got on a plane heading to Nairobi, this was the start of a trip with the final destination of Kisumu. This was not a totally smooth trip. First, after just 200 m from the airport in Nairobi our taxi broke down, but our taxi driver was persistent and after some trial and error we went on for the ride. He dropped us of at our hotel, although it was cheap, the neighborhood turned out to be too dangerous for us to head out on our own. Luckily the driver brought us to our first contact with Kenyan fast food in Nairobi city centre.


Next day our contact Emund Murage showed us the way to Kisumu, by matatu or taxibus. This turned out to be a small safari tour were zebras, wrath hogs, baboons and impalas lived next to the road. When approaching Kisumu the number of bicycles increased noticeably, so we were heading in the right direction.


In Kisumu Richard Oteka from the Vittoria Boda Boda Association welcomes us and guides us to our stay, a comfortable, cozy but minimalistic residence.

Tomorrow our first meeting; at the office of the Vittoria Boda Boda Association.