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Boat trip


After the first impressions gathered from urban Kisumu, we took a trip around the rural area. By Boda Boda we went 6 km to Dunga beach, which is one of the harbors were fish is brought to land. As good old tourists we took a guided boat trip to see the local fishermen and caught some hippo’s on the side.

Fishermen's boat - Lake Victoria


 When we got back at the harbor we were lucky to witness the chaotic arrival of the fishermen. Like they were hiding before, suddenly the whole beach area was filled with women buying and selling fish. We were overwhelmed by all the colors, chaos and movement surrounding the place. 

Dunga harbor


Fish market

Coincidentally  we had heard some stories about the papyrus production at this spot. This drew our attention. So we went to a local producer, which produced beautiful crafted baskets, from this material.

Papyrus at a basket production place

On our way back, we tried the Boda Boda bicycles ourselves, which caused lots of laughs from the original drivers, which didn’t believe women are able to cycle in the first place. But of course Floor and Anne surprised when making a more than smooth ride.  

Anne & Rick riding Boda Boda