The mobile street vendors of Kisumu it will be.

 At this moment there are a lot of static street vendors in Kisumu. They sell their products just at 1 place. But what if we make some of them mobile, then they will have a much larger area where they can sell their products. Therefore we want to design a bike which can sell for example sweets. The mobile street vendor can drive from school to school to sell candies during lunch break. We have not decided yet for which products we will design de bicycle. It can be multiple purpose vending bike: maybe water, sugar cane or bread. In a large part of the Kisumu slums people have no access to water. So it would be great if our bike could reach these people.


guy selling sausages on the street

We’ve just played a game of Frisbee with girls who stay at the Pandi Pieri. And we did our laundry today! We feel more civilized , less white and more accepted. Here some random pictures…..


O-riginaly, B-orn, A-frican, M-anaging, A-merica


Brainstorm with our "target group"


women doing laundry