After a weekend of relaxation we dove into our project again with a lot of energy and inspiration. Monday Luuk, of the Cycling out of Poverty foundation, arrived in Kisumu. We started the week with a good meeting with him. We all are satisfied with the process of this project, the decisions made and the opportunities identified.

8_street vendors

Street vendors share information


Students of the polytechnic discuss our sketches

8_bicycle parts

Shop of bicycle parts

The rest of the week, our final week in Kisumu, we still wanted to meet a lot of people and gather more information. We interviewed street venders, discussed our ideas with a group of students of the local polytechnic and we visited shops that provide bicycle components and building materials.











Rick kicks off the meeting with the co-creation team

8_sparteam 2

Anne discusses bicycle physics

The main event of the week was the meeting with our co-creation team. This team of people, consisting of mechanics, street vendors, boda boda drivers and some neighborhood officials, will give feedback throughout the rest of our project. During this first meeting we showed them some of our first ideas and challenges. This team will be involved during the whole process. When we are in Holland this team will meet again in Kisumu and discuss new input, provided by us. In this way they can give feedback during the process, and afterwards test the bicycle in January.

In the evening Henk, our supervisor from the University in Delft, arrived. Edmund took us to the local chicken restaurant, which serves the best chicken in Kenya. The chicken was indeed delicious and we had cooking lessons to make the local dishes. This morning we had a more formal meeting where we discussed the project.