The movie posted a while ago gives a good summary of the work we’ve been doing on location in Kisumu. But it’s already been a while since we’ve been back in holland, and a lot of work has been done. After a few days of acclimatizing to the cold Dutch weather we got back together to evaluate our trip and to look at the period in front of us. Many decisions had to be made before we could actually start designing, things like what will the bicycle actually be used for,  what features will it get, which parts will be used, etc. After these points where discussed the sketching of the ideas could begin, we generated a lot of different set ups, some of them more realistic than others. From this pile of ideas we extracted four concepts, four bicycles that more or less fitted our list of demands. We are now on the verge of the decision between these concepts. Which of them will be developed further, and become a real bicycle in a few weeks? We will let you know in a few days……..

learning how to weld

In the meantime we’ve also been learning how to weld, you cannot built a bicycle frame without welding so we learned how to handle a MIG welding machine, and an electrode welding machine. Both of them are common in Africa, and may be used in the workshop that is going to produce our bicycle. In two weeks we will start to weld our own frame, lets hope the welds will sustain!!