It’s been a while that we have written a post. But lots of time is now spend on prototyping, finishing the design and modeling in solidworks. Since a few days we are working in the workshop of Industrial Design on our prototype. Special tubes are ordered and step by step it looks more like a bicycle. We have decided to use an original frame of a bicycle. The big advantage is that the tubes are aligned which is very important. The head tube of the original frame had to be removed. It was difficult to find a way to do it properly but in the end we managed. During prototyping lots of pictures are made (some of them can be seen in this post). These pictures will be used for the production manual. In this way the people in Kisumu know exactly how to make the bicycle. Still lots of work has to be done before Rick and Joep return the 28th of December to Kisumu.

removing the coating of the frame

grinding the removed head tube

protecting the frame from rust with oil.