The 28th of December introduces the final part of our design project. After the context mapping in the first visit of Kenya, the conceptualization and prototyping in Holland, the first prototype goes to Kenya. In this last phase in Kenya the bicycle will be tested and improved. After this a second prototype will be built with the people in the workshop, so they also know the ins and outs of the product and its production process.

Excited as we are to make our 2nd visit, we leave with a hell of box. And when finally arrived at Schiphol airport we already know that this was the easy part of the journey.

Schiphol airport

After a decent 8 hour flight we arrive in Nairobi at 07.00, we arrange a hotel and taxi and of we go. At least that would be the ideal scenario of course. Luckily we are not the ideal scenario, because we have a small sized sea container with us. But what would be a better Kenyan solution for this problem than just using a safari van?

safari van

The prototype is safely in Nairobi where we postpone further logistical challenges to the 31st of December when we travel along to Kisumu. Our 2 day stay in Nairobi is to find some wholesalers with the needed parts and materials for prototype 2.0.

At the hotel