Over the past few days we’ve been all over Kisumu to test our prototype. We’ve been testing different kinds of cargo on different kinds of surfaces. The pictures give a small overview of the things we’ve been hauling around town. It’s fun to see that people don’t get the point of carrying around 100 kg of concrete blocks to test the bicycle, they thought we were fitnessing, which is a rare thing to see people doing around this city.

 Next to he cargo test we did the even more important user test. We showed and tried the bicycle with different venders around town. Steve the juice sales man was the most helpfull and wanted to test the prototype for a whole day. The movie gives you a small taste of a day of selling juices in Kisumu with our bicycle.

Apart from all this testing we’ve also been using the bicycle just to get around. We bought almost all of the parts we need for the building of our second and final design (the bicycle is very usefull for getting all these pipes, frames and wheels). We’ve also been making little modifications to the prototype with local jua kalis (metal workers) and teachers from politechnica, and of course we’ve been thinking about improvements for the next bicycle.

With the redesign alsmost finished we will be starting to built our next bicycle this friday at the Kisumu politechnica. The people from the mechanical engineering department were so kind to allow us to use all the facilities there.  

Just keep watching the blog, we’ll keep you up to date about our progress!