Last week the African Bicycle Design Project came to an end for us, with a final presentation at the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering at the Delft University of Technology we completed the whole trajectory of the bicycle design. In September of last year we started with the search for a target group that would benefit from a new bicycle, and now, in January of 2010 we ended with the design of a new multi purpose transport bicycle for small African entrepreneurs.

Together with the design we delivered two prototypes, one in Kisumu Kenya for the workshop and the education of the employees, and one in the Netherlands for publicity purposes. Next to that we developed a production and assembly manual that should make the manufacturing of the bicycle easier.

We like to thank all the organisations and individuals that helped us in their own way. There are so many that will not try to mention them all because we are sure we would forget somebody. We just want to tell how great full we are for all the support we got during the past 6 months, and that without it the project couldn’t have been this successful.

We wish CooP, Uvumbuzi and the Victoria Boda Boda SACCO all the luck with the workshop that has just been opened in Kisumu, and we hope that the CooP-Bike will help them in reaching their goals.

Ero Kamanu,

Joep, Anne, Floor and Rick