African Bicycle Design Team

Our project team consists of 4 ambitious and motivated industrial design engineering students , studying at the Delft University of Technology. Our team, African Bicycle Design, is multidisciplinary and together we can cope with design from beginning to end, from analysis to implementation. Let us introduce ourselves.

Floor de Bruijn

Floor de Bruijn, master student Strategic Product Design, performs research on the situation of the local market and industry, with the goal to define criteria for the design process and map the context of the workshop.

Anne de Jongh

Anne de Jongh, master student Design for Interaction, focuses on the human-product relation. In Kenya she will investigate the habits and rituals of the local inhabitants to support the concept development phase of the project.

Joep OberendorffJoep Oberendorff, master student Integrated Product Design, concentrates on the technical elaboration and detailing of the product. Next to this he will investigate the possibilities of the workshop in Kisumu.

Rick PassenierRick Passenier, master student Strategic Product Design, looks for possibilities to implement the design and appropriate business models. He will also focus on the supply chain of parts.