Without support this project could never exist and become a succes. Therefore we thank all people for helping us in numerous different ways.

We want to give special thanks to the following people and organizations:


Cycling out of Poverty initiates cycling projects in Africa and takes care of the logistics, planning and support of the whole project in Kisumu, Kenya.


In the Netherlands, this project is executed at the Delft University of Technology in the framework of the course Integrated Design Project.


KLM is part of the ‘Cycling blue for Kenya’ project, therefore KLM is also supporting African Bicycle Design in Kisumu.


Students 4 Sustainabitlity supports student teams that are involved with durability and sustainability (for more information, see students4sustainability).

enelexEnelex Innovation is a patent office based in Delft and supports charity and development projects.

stfnl_logoThe Triodos Foundation for supporting this project financially

Delft centre for entrepreneurship functioned as a mediator in the setup of the project. They established the initial contacts with Cycling out of Poverty, and provided us with valuable information on all kinds of aspects.

Adviesburo voor Architectuur en Groenplanning for supporting the team in the search for sponsors. And also for the donations they made themselves.