The bicycles for handout


We are joining the entertainment team


We, Nelson the chairman of the victoria boda boda assn. and Henk Kuipers our supervisor

Yesterday we ended our trip to Kisumu with a bicycle hand-out by our most important partners. Foundation cycling out of poverty, the Victoria Boda Boda association and the Neighborhood association had managed to facilitate 20 bicycles for high school children, for which the parents had saved. Luuk of cycling out of poverty and Henk, our professor, were also present to witness the ceremony, which started with some local dance (including us again!) and a lot of speeches of everybody except the students themselves.

After the ceremony we were invited to have dinner with some people of the different associations, where we got a real ‘good bye’ talk. It was the last time that we could eat the local food Ugali, a thick porache cooked of corn flour. And eat with our hands. Both of them we are really used to and even like them now.

Tomorrow (Monday) we will replace Kenya for Holland again, with a totally different view on business and life in Kenya then we had before. We gained a lot of information and met very helpful and cooperative people. In sum, a very fruitful 3 weeks of research.