7_community meeting

Find Rick.....

Today we split up to gather more information. The boys joined a meeting of the community of one of the slums. They had to sit next to the chairman, in front of more than a hundred spectators. After all attendants introduced themselves, the boys had to pray and even dance. The meeting took almost the whole day and was mostly in Swahili. So they did not gather that much information. Luckily the lunch meeting with the chairmen of the neighborhood and boda boda associations was more fruitful.

7_markt plaatjes

Showing bicycle images on the market

We (the girls) had a more productive day. We went into town to speak to street vendors. Unusable our skin color is enough to attract a lot of attention, but when you bring images with you, a crowd gathers around you. They replace half their market booth to set a chair for you where you have to settle down. Business cards is not common here, but instead changing telephone numbers seems to be crucial.

7_artist session

Local artists presenting their drawings of bicycles

In the afternoon the girls had a session with some creative artist. The ice breaker subject was the favorite snack of all the participants. We brought stroofwafels and drop with us that was surprisingly judged as tasty. We drew bicycles with them and made mockup models. Within half an hour a bunch a seemingly useless wires were turned into beautiful bicycle models.

7_wire fiets

Bicycle made of wire